What does it mean to be well?

Wellness encompasses many aspects of your life. It has to do with being physically well, mentally well & emotionally well. When it comes to physical wellness, we can help in several ways. The first is to put your spine in alignment, so the rest of your body can do its part. Another key part of this is giving your body the good nutrition it needs to help every part perform at its best. We treat the whole body, not just the spine.

Susan Kieklak is our Wellness Counselor on staff. She is here to help you and your family. Susan is very health conscious and would love to teach you some simple ways to incorporate healthier ways into your family's life. Whether you feel "pretty good" & just want to stay that way or you are dealing with health issues and would like to find natural ways to get your health back, Susan is here to help. If you would like to make an appointment with Susan or you just want to ask a quick question, please feel free to contact her anytime. Just click here to send Susan an email or feel free to call her at (440) 666-3253. If you'd like to meet with Susan during your Chiropractic visit, please let our office staff know when you schedule your appointment, so Susan will be included at your appointment.

If you are dealing with Stress, Sore Muscles, Headaches or an Injury, we have a MASSAGE THERAPIST on staff offering the following types of massage:

  • Relaxation
  • Sport
  • Deep tissue
  • Myofascial release

Please call our office to set up an appointment.

Dr. Kieklak and Susan have researched many brands of nutritional supplements and have found that Shaklee Corporation has beliefs that match their own. They want to offer to you the very best health and wellness options that come from nature to give your body the nutritional support it needs in the right balance. Shaklee guarantees their nutritional supplements contain 100% of the ingredients printed on the label, not only on the day they manufacture them, but also on the day they're taken (provided they're taken before the expiration date). Believe it or not, most other supplement companies don't make this guarantee (because our government doesn't require them to). What does that mean to you?? Unfortunately, it means you may be spending a lot of money and not getting what you paid for. With most companies, you don't know what you're getting. With Shaklee products, you can absolutely count on what you are getting - 100% GUARANTEED!!. And that's not even the best part. THE BEST PART is if you buy ANY SHAKLEE SUPPLEMENT and you are not satisfied with it FOR ANY REASON, YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK ~ NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Click here to learn more.

We offer a FREE WELLNESS ASSESSMENT to help you improve your health. Click here if you'd like to download a Wellness Assessment. Once you've completed it, please email it to Susan at skieklak@parmafamilychiro.com or print and bring it with you to your appointment.