Here is a good place to learn some great tips to help your children.

  • Having trouble getting your kids to eat fruits & veggies? There are many tips we'd love to share with you for helping in this area. Please be sure to ask Dr. Kieklak for ideas and contact our Wellness Counselor, Susan, to get her assistance, as well. You can reach Susan at our office at (216) 661-6200 or at (440) 666-3253.

  • Are you concerned your child might have ADD or ADHD? - We would love to share with you information that can help determine if it's a true behavioral issue or one triggered by something else. There are a number of things that can help your child significantly.

  • Scoliosis - If you are a patient at Parma Family Chiropractic, please bring your children along with you to your office visits. Dr. Kieklak is more than happy to check your child's spine to be sure it's developing correctly with a FREE Scoliosis screening. He also does FREE SCOLIOSIS SCREENINGS for some local schools. If you would like Dr. Kieklak to begin offering free screenings at your child's school, please be sure to call or stop in our office and ask Elaine to work with your school to set this up.

  • What can you do for Allergies & Asthma? - At Parma Family Chiropractic, we have successfully treated many patients with Allergies and Asthma. If you or your child is suffering with either of these conditions, why not give Chiropractics a try? It can save you financially as well as improve your health that can last a lifetime.

  • Is your son or daughter complaining of headaches? Headaches can be caused by many things. It can be something as simple as your body telling you it "needs a drink". A headache is a first sign that you may be dehydrated. Headaches can also be caused by a misalignment in your spine. That's where Chiropractics can help. At Parma Family Chiropractic, we offer people relief every single day to those who are experiencing headaches ~ no matter how mild or severe they are. Why take pain relievers that only mask the symptoms when you may be able to relieve your body of the problem and not only feel better, but also not have to deal with the side effects that come along with medications. In case you were not aware, ALL MEDICATIONS, come with negative side effects! Is that something you want to give to your children when you don't have to? Another note on headaches: we have found that when it's not dehydration or a misalignment in the spine, in many cases headaches can be caused by something as simple as household cleaners. Ask what we have found to be SAFE for your family, cost LESS MONEY and WORK BETTER than the commercial cleaners found in stores. The difference is truly amazing!

  • Is your baby crying all the time? Could it be Colick? Acid Reflux? Ear Infections? - If your child seems to cry all of the time, has Colick, Acid Reflux or Ear Infections, we can help. Dr. Kieklak focuses on the upper portion of the neck which is what can be causing your child pain. With your baby in your arms or still napping in their car seat, Dr. Kieklak can gently treat your child with no discomfort whatsoever. Using Chiropractic treatment, along with nutrition, we have helped many children overcome these issues.